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 asked: Mako/Haru or Haru/Rin

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I think tumblr has left a lot of us emotionally stunted. This is a great community for empowerment, catharsis, or coping, but those things aren’t recovery in and of themselves. Comparatively, they’re easy when compared to the painful self-reflection and real-world scenarios you’ll have to encounter on the road to true recovery. Not only does Tumblr not focus enough on recovery, but there’s almost a disdain here for the very notion.

There’s a lot of time spent validating everything. “Your symptoms are valid! Your responses are valid! Your depression is valid! Your coping is valid!” Well, yeah, all that stuff is definitely valid, and understanding that is important step in recovery, but it’s certainly not the final step. All that stuff is valid in the same way a baby chewing on a teething ring is valid, and there’s nothing to be embarrassed about if your recovery is still in its infancy, but Tumblr almost encourages you to stay there, to never grow out of it.

There’s a difference between what’s valid and what’s healthy, what’s best for you. I recently saw a post that validated people who stay in their room all day. Is that a valid response to anxiety? Sure. Is it a healthy response? Hell no, and there isn’t a person on Earth who can convincingly make the argument that the best thing you can do for your anxiety is to never leave your room.

Or how about those “how to care for a _________” posts? They’ve got some great tips there, and a lot of what they say is true, but you cannot reasonably expect people to coddle your issues, insecurities, or self-perceived inadequacies. Your recovery has to come from you. It has to be a difficult decision you make with yourself and carry through with because you need it. Your recovery can’t come from hoping other people will validate you.

No one should be ashamed of where they are in their recovery process, but there’s also no reason why you should be in the same place with your issues as you were in 2010.

Your final goal is not validation. It isn’t empowerment. It isn’t finding a way to get through the day. It isn’t being comfortable with your problems, nor is it accepting that they’ll never go away. The final goal is health. The final goal is happiness. The final goal is contentment. The final goal is recovery.

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How to make sure what wigs sold on Taobao/Aliexpress look like in real life

You’ve maybe heard of Aliexpress. It’s an online shopping website where as a cosplayer you can find a big variety of wigs (among others), almost always cheaper than on ebay. Why is it so cheap? Aliexpress belongs to a Chinese company Alibaba that manages a whole lot of popular Chinese websites and applications, most famously Chinese biggest online shopping website called Taobao.

Thus, the wigs you buy on Aliexpress (their international shopping portal) come directly from China and are sold for much cheaper than on ebay. Consequently, the sellers you can find on Aliexpress you can also find on Taobao, selling exactly the same products.

Now why is this information relevant? When ordering something, you’d want to know if the seller is good and whether the wig actually looks the way it does on the pic. Problem is, many products on Aliexpress are not rated at all. BUT if you really want to be sure, you can go on Taobao and find the same product there, including ratings and maybe even pics of the product taken by buyers.

Few days ago we wanted to buy a wig that looked great on the photos provided by the seller. We double checked on taobao and found out by looking on reviews that the wig actually looked nothing like the seller suggested. Saved disappointment and time!

 The pics above show how to navigate taobao to find reviews and pictures taken by buyers.

One question remains: how to find the same product? That’s the trickiest part. There are tutorials explaining how to search for things on taobao. A few tips: if you’re looking for wigs, the Chinese word is 假发, then you can narrow down by adding the color (look it up on google translate) or the name of the anime and/or name of the character (you can look up the Chinese naming on wikipedia).

The process may be a bit time consuming, but it can really improve your wig shopping experience on Aliexpress!

If you’re interested in our cosplays, please take a look! :)


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Another attempt on visualisingight scenes with Steve & Bucky.

Here you see how I paint: Wait till my patience die out, and blur everything that I didn’t draw.

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This. Literally the first thing you learn when you begin to handle a gun is to only point the gun at something you are willing to shoot.


who is this guy I need to get on this

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Favourite Free! Eternal Summer scans

Rin’s little pony tail. I can’t. It’s too much.

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yeah Rose kiss that alien babe B)

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you can’t date yosuke because you are always dating yosuke. 

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when a meme gets too overused it becomes… memeingless

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